A Reasonable Assumption

More and more recently, I have been finding women on the big and small screen needing a Dirty Dee Handbag.  Here is just a sampling of what I have come across: 

  • Amy Schumer waiting for the subway in her promo commercial for Inside Amy,
  • Judy Greer at the office on Arrested Development
  • Jordan Peele walking away from her boyfriend on Key and Peele
  • Kyra Sedgwick ay the scene of a crime in The Closer
  • Kirsten Dunst in Bridesmaids with puke on her dress before a wedding
  • Mark Maron's atest conquest walking the walk of shame on Maron

... all needing my handbag in different scenarios.  I might not personally catch girls out there in every scenario needing my handbag; but if I find them on t.v.,  there must be real life scenarios like these out there as well.  

To view the full compilation of celebs out and about and on the screen barefoot and needing a Dirty Dee Handbag, visit www.DirtyDeeHandbags.com and look in the Celebspiraton album. And dear god if you spot any barefooted girls or boys out and about or on the screen submit them to dirtydeehandbags@gmail.com.